Monday, July 11, 2011

Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon Part 2

Well my great friends decided that we needed to have a beer to celebrate Cynthia's completing her 3rd Marathon. So we decided on the very popular Naked City Brewery & Taphouse located 8564Greenwood Ave. N Seattle, Wa 98103. this place was awesome. I had the pickled hops and if you have never had these, heard of these, or even contemplated eating "DO IT" It was definatly a suprise when they brought them out.
So good!!!
Enjoying 1 of many beers that night

Cynthia enjoying a Cider

The Naked City Taphouse has "Beer Can Racing" and all sorts of other events. So back to the afternoon. Lance his wife Miko and a friend I met that day named Mike tried in vain to go through as many of the beers as we could but unfortunalty we actually had to give up our ambitions when a tap went dead. Right before we were getting to leave Mike brought us all a gift.
A Naked City Growler Koozie
If you are in Seattle visit this place you will not reget it. the drive back was not as enjoyable as I had hoped but the gatoraid and water really help, haha.
As of late Cynthia and I are training for the City of Trees half marathon it should be great fun. I have too burn off some of this winter weight. After we come back from our camping trip we are going to hit up Kahootz Steak and Ale House I have not been here before but I have nothing but great things about it.
Remember if I see you out say HI and I will buy the first round of beers.

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