Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bulls Head Pub

I went to this pub a few weeks after I arrived here. It was empty the hostess was sitting at the end of the bar reading the latest edition of "People" magazine, getting spun on who Britney Spears is dating / married to now. I sat down and waited a few minutes before ordering a Blue Moon (one of my favorite beers). When I looked around I saw that the Bulls Head Pub is labeled as an English Pub. I could not figure out what constituted this establishment as an English Pub. So I figured that it may be an English Pub because of the lack of service. Upstairs is the “club” portion of the Pub that houses dueling pianos and a dance floor that is about as big as my bathroom. Not to mention the 60 year old man grinding on the mid-twenty girl. I think I just threw up in my mouth. I stuck around for a bit then decided that the trivia at the Ram sounded more inviting than watching the disturbing display of gyrating hips.

So the beer to try this week is called Cowboy Coffee Porter made by the Big Sky Brewing Company. If you enjoy a robust beer with a great finish you will love this beer. So go out and try it.

“I am right 97% of the time who cares about the other 4%”

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  1. Can I be your photographer of you in the pubs? hehe

    Here's that link to the blog I was telling you about.. freaking hilarious and gross all at the same time!