Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Crystal!!!

This was a busy weekend camping and then a birthday. My fiance' (I can call her that because we just recently got engaged) Cynthia sister Crystal celebrated her 30th birthday this weekend at the Matador on 8th street in downtown Boise This resturant sports tequila and lots of it, most of it is top shelf and a shot will run you between $8 to $120 (I so wanted to order one just to see what a shot of tequila that was as much as my cable bill tasted like). I order a tequila flyer which for $16.50 you get three 1oz shots.

The food was fairly good nothing special actually nothing that you can't find in most Southwestern resturants in the Boise area. As my girl said "they are probably known more for the tequila bar rather than their food". I could have saved a lot of money going to a taco truck with a fifth of Jose' (jk).
After we left their we began our pub walk and went to The Lobby, a new bar that sits directly across from the Qwest Arena nothing real special here seems as though they are still trying to figure out in what direction the bar wants to move towards. After we spent about a half hour there we went to the Montego Bay. This is a dance club and I hvae not been to a dance club in FOREVER, and from what Cynthia told me my dance skills definatly show it, haha. I was doing the robot...thats not cool anymore? Next post will be about the camping trip and our engagement..ready those hanky's it's a tear jerker.
She is so beautiful even though I pissed her off in this picture!!

Cynthia, JoJo, and Crystal
If you look closely you can see Santa, he is on vacation in downtown Boise!!

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