Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Retirement Beer

So with the end of one chapter another begins..ok,ok unless it's the end of the book. This weekend (actually the 1st of April) is my actual retirement day. After 21 1/2 years of military service I am actually going to be done. Now with that I am also getting ready to try my first batch of Czech Lager. I am really not to sure which one I am more excited about!!! So with that I will post pictures of the beer and of my first beer as a retired man....Ok all lets go get a beer!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


An old Ice Cream Truck I found in Puyallup

Stadium High School in Tacoma Wa

A sunset at camp Ramrod in Afghanistan

The Harmon Resturant in Tacoma

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pictures of Mine

Taken in Squim, Washington
Northern State Mental Hospital
The Dairy at Northern State Hospital

Bittercreek Brewery

We went to the Bittercreek brewery last weekend (sorry about the delay posting, work has been brutal) and it was fantastic. The last time I patronized Bitter creek was with my brother when he had come to visit me here in Boise about 3 years ago. We both loved it and I thought the Huckleberry Ale was to die for. I went back in the hopes that I would again be able to enjoy this libation. Unfortunately they were not serving that particular beer but they were saving some tasty ones that I was more than happy to try. What was great about the beer menu is it has the name of the beer, the name of the brewery and the distance the brewery is from Bittercreek. I will also list the same way, so the last number you see will be the distance the beer travelled to be in my hands. So here goes;
Big Creek Trappist, Sockeye Brewing, Boise, Idaho 4.4 miles (This is a very light beer and if you fill up on stouts like I did it is a great refreshing beer to enjoy)
Helldiver, Sockeye Brewing, Boise, Idaho 4.4 miles (If you like IPA's you will love this crisp hoppy beer)
Wyld, Organic Extra Pale Ale, Unita Brewing Company, Salt Lake City, Utah 340 miles (very, very, very light beer enjoyable for even the none beer drinker. Cynthia actually enjoyed the light and none overpowering characteristics of this beer.)
Hairy Eyeball, Lagunitas Brewing Company, Petaluma, California 640 miles (this beer is acutally VERY sweet, good beer but not really my style)
Cappuccino Stout, Imperial Stout, Lagunitas Brewing Company, Petaluma, California 640 miles ( I started with this beer and it was AWESOME. I never really liked Stouts but have slowly started warming up to them. This is a YUMMY choice)

This was how good my Cappuccino Stout was!!

If you are looking for a change from beer or have a significant other that enjoys mixed drinks Bittercreek also offers season drinks that include: Spring Flower (Vodka, St. Germain, Lemon, Orange bitters, and Sparkling Wine) or the Nui Nui (Gold Rum, Fresh Lime,Fresh Orange, Cinnamon-Vanilla Cordial). They also offer the more serious drinks no, seriously like the Smoking Gun (Laphroig 10yr, fernet, Brown Sugar Cordial, and Bitters) also the Teomixcurvatney, say that fast 3 times, actually say that fast once, haha (Bison Grass Vodka, Lillet Blanc, Flamed Lemon)

The service at Bittercreek was so awesome Emily our Waitress was very knowledgeable about each beer and was very friendly. The food was great I ordered the Mac and Cheese, this was not like Kraft but instead was made with Pepper Jack Cheese which added a little spice. How good is this when it accompanies some great beers!!! I hope I have made you want to go and try the Bittercreek Brewery because it was a great experience that also welcomes children until 10pm. Come visit and if you see me as always I will buy the first round.

Not your Mom's Mac and Cheese
I also brewed my first batch of Lager last weekend and will bottle it on the 18th. It smelled really good while the grains were boiling and when Cynthia's sister came over she thought I was making lunch..imagine her surprise when the answer was "No, he is brewing beer" haha. Here a few pictures;

The Mash

My batch..I will be happier to try it out in a few weeks.
I will let you know how it turns out.