Saturday, July 9, 2011

Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon Part 1

Ok I know I am not winning any awards for being the "Best Blogger" but hey I am back so at least you can't say that I am not inconsistant. I will try and be better about getting the word out about some of the places I have been too lately.
Cynthia and I took a trip to Seattle this month were she ran the Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon, being the supportive fiance that I am I ventured to a new venue the Pyramid Brewery.
It's very awe inspiring, huh?
The food here was fairly good but that was not the real reason I went, I wanted some brews fresh from the tap. Being in Boise Pyramid only comes from the store. I went with my nephew Niko while my brother and the girls enjoyed the Expo at the Convention Center. I went for a short wihle and even found something for me.
I even won a free shirt, my wardrobe is looking up, haha

Niko convinced me that he loves Hot Wings so I ordered us a plate and he took one bite began to drink his soda and proceeded to tell me that "I reall like these" I could totally tell that he was far from enjoying them but like a trooper he ate one more and called it quits.

Who could say no to that face?

Needless to say I had  about six of their seasonal drafts on tap and they were AMAZING!!! I would highly recommend the Pyramid Brewery not so much for the food but the atmosphere is pretty low key and people are nice. The service left a little to be desired but in all fairness it was busy because of the 26,000 runners that had poured into Downtown Seattle.
Me and the love of my life Pre-Race!!
Post Race and she finished with a time 4:07 very proud of her!
Well there is more to come so I don't want to Spoil it but...Naked City Brewery & Taphouse was the next stop in this adventure. My best friend Lance and his wonderful wife Miko were the best hosts.

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